Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Warda Wild Hare 50 mile Nov 20, 2010

Hillbilly Haybale!
I'd never run out at Warda's Bluff Creek Ranch before but I'd heard good things about it. Good as in, fewer rocks! I needed a break from rock bashing after the Cactus Rose 100 and the Wild Hare 50miler came a perfect 3 weeks later. I was plenty recovered and looking forward to hitting the trails again for 'only' 50miles and some relatively easy terrain. The morning started early since I stayed in Austin instead of camping on site. Roch H from Salt Lake City was in town with his girlfriend Catherine and he signed up for some punishment as well. I picked them up downtown at 4am and we made to the race by a little after 5am for the 6am start. 35 of us got started in the warm darkness for the first 5mi short loop followed by 6ea 7.5mi loops to get the 50mi. I started pretty fast and stayed out front by myself, clearing the spider webs for the rest of the pack! My light was kinda flickering (cheap backup) but it wasn't long before I emerged from the twisty first half and got out in the open where I could see pretty well already. First 5miles in around 40min and off for the first of 6 'big' laps. With an aid station about half way it was easy to stay on top of my hydration and nutrition all day. I was shooting for something around 7:15-7:30 and knew the first few laps needed to be well under an hour so I could have some banked time for the last few laps. I haven't gone back to look at my splits yet but the plan fell into place just fine. My first 4 laps were pretty fast and then I let up some for laps 5-6. End result: 1st place, 7:14. Also a new CR but last year it was raining and muddy; the years before that the distances weren't accurate. I'm happy to have recovered quickly from Cactus and to get in another hard run before 'resting' for a few weeks into Dec. Wild Hare is fun because the trail isn't particularly brutal and the different race distances and staggered start times have runners all over the course to interact with. As always, had a great time post race with old friends and new. Made it back to town at dusk; just in time to shower up and join the family for a walk around the corner to the neighborhood Little Deli for some pizza and beers!

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