Monday, February 4, 2013

Sat Feb 2: Far West/Ladera Norte ~10mi from the house in 1:14
Sun Feb 3: Easy hour of mountain biking with Calvin so he could try the BMX pump track at WC
Mon Feb 4: You guessed it, hot tub at noon

Friday, February 1, 2013

Logging running workouts for the record; not sure if I'll even look back on them but...what the hell.
Tues Jan 22: noon run to the lake and back from work. HOT. ~8mi, ~1hr
Wed Jan 23: house to Mac track for 1.5mile warm up. 3 x 1mi repeats (6:06, 6:03, 5:43). Run home easy
Thurs Jan 24: no running, just rode bike to work as always
Fri Jan 25: same HOT work to the lake LBL 8mi in about an hour
Sat Jan 26: Yoga at Sandi's class
Sun Jan 27: pacer practice at Rogue 30k road race @ 7:14 pace
Mon Jan 28: hot tub at noon at work
Tues Jan 29: 5 x quarter mile MLK hill repeats and 1 x 2mi track for baseline ref @ 11:53
Wed Jan 30: 10.1mi LBL in morning with work group in 1:04:40 equals ~ 6:24avg. windy as hell
Thurs Jan 31: row on machine in gym for 5k for 23:30; hot tub
Fri Feb 1: 5 x 800m Yasso's at noon. 2:46, 2:43, 2:43, 2:39, 2:38 going negative! 2:42avg
I suck at blogging.
Since my last post last summer I continued with another 60k night run in the series, The Bend. Won that, new race, new CR. Then I ran Superior Sawtooth 100 in MN. It was awesome. Mom and Dad drove up to crew for me and we had fun pre and post race. The race itself was pretty epic. Really pretty scenery and perfect weather; cool, then warm, then cool drizzle, then cool night time and morning again. I won that one and set a new CR. Might have been the hardest, biggest, craziest adventure in my life to this point. It deserves it's own write up but I just haven't felt like sitting down to put it into words yet. I recovered in time to pick up training a bit and then prep for Cactus Rose 100 for my 4th in a row there. No pacer at Sawtooth and the family was busy so I went solo at Cactus and by nature the only 'crew' are friends who might just happen to be standing around when one arrives at an aid station. Familiar territory so no worries really. The weather was perfect and I finally managed to put together a strong 3rd lap and the boyz were chasing me still so I had to push on lap 4 too. This translated into a great race, another win and another PR/CR. Pretty darn good summer and fall season.
We had a mellow Christmas around Austin and then drove to Dixon NM to see brother Jeff and the Dixon clan and to also go boarding and skiing in Sipapu. Good times and some fresh snow.
My legs were feeling OK but I hadn't really trained up for Bandera 100k and I wasn't mentally excited about facing all the rocks on the Cactus course again so soon. That said, I went into race day feeling pretty good and eye-ing a 9:15 goal. Turns out it was pretty muddy and the extra effort to deal with that took it's toll on my tired legs and made just finishing the damn race a big accomplishment for me. Got my finish and therefore my 500k jacket. I'll likely be back one day to go for that 9:15 again.
Switching gears to road running now. WTF? I know, I know...
Pacing the Austin (non-Lance) Marathon again Feb 17th; got the 3:10 group again. Should be fun!
Boston marathon is the goal race for spring. Sub 3 is the first goal and sub 2:50 after that.
10min doesn't seem like much but from what I can tell, that is a big step for me to get that much faster and out of my comfort zone. Next posts will be summaries of training for my reflections really; in case the training works and I end up writing a book on how to make an old man run faster! Later, s